In Canada and the U.S., TOUCH serves the food services industry, the medical and dental sectors as well as retail vendors.

Food services

If you distribute our plates, why not carry our cups and cutlery… … And we like it!

Since we stock everything required by the food services industry, our products are used by both the largest and smallest establishments.

From a neighbourhood restaurant to national chains. From coffee shops to ice cream counters. From cafeteria to catering services. From the food transformation industry to distributors… our products are vital to what they do and are adapted to their precise needs.

Medical and dental

Dental offices, examination rooms and laboratories use TOUCH products.

Strict norms control the materials used in this sector. For example, TOUCH medical gloves satisfy AQL 1.5 Acceptable Quality Limit specifications, where a defect in even the smallest portion of a lot can result in a recall as a safety precaution.

Retail sales

Finding a home without a single TOUCH product in it would be a real challenge! Consumers can purchase theirs in:

  • neighbourhood grocers
  • grocery chains
  • convenience stores
  • hardware stores
  • dollar stores
  • pharmacies
  • and others

In our lives, everyday