TOUCH distributes single-use products designed for the food service, medical and dental sectors, as well as for retail sale. Our products simplify your everyday tasks, fill your shelves and keep your customers’ storage cabinets at the ready.

Effective, well-designed TOUCH products fulfill those small, everyday needs. So you can forget about them and concentrate on the big things.

Matches, toothpicks, gloves, straws, cutlery, cups…they all make your life easier…just like us! You are the focus of all our innovative skill. Your requirements and feedback contribute enormously to the constant improvements in what we make.

Many of our products are made to rigorous regulatory specifications. Our gloves for example, meet AQL 1.5 requirements, where a very small number of defective units can result in removal of entire lots from the market.

Save time and money: all in one place

Having close to 800 unique products helps to centralize and facilitate your purchasing: a single supplier, a single order…problem solved! Concerned for the environment? Ask about TOUCH GREEN products.

Distinctive and attractive, TOUCH packaging stands out at a distance. Complete information on size, quantity and type makes choosing easy. Got a favourite product? Perfect! An easy-to-follow colour scheme makes finding it simple.

From necessity to reality

You have a lot of needs! Good thing our product lines cover so many of the items you or your customers might have a requirement for:

We’re listening to your environmental concerns: for a while now, many TOUCH products have been recyclable or biodegradable. Add to these our TOUCH GREEN products, most of which are compostable.

For all those everyday essentials